Monday, 5 November 2012

Life List - Rent a surf cottage on the west coast of Ireland for the winter

Growing up I was always envious of people who holidayed at their cottage each summer (surpassed only by my jealousy of people who jetted off to Europe each July, bidding adieu and waving their passports as they skipped off to the airport - grrrrr).  While I would periodically receive invitations to join in on the fun, somehow the timing was just never right.
Would I like to join you and your family for a bonfire, s'mores and some singsongs at your lakeside retreat over Labour Day weekend you ask? Perhaps some canoeing in the Thousand Islands? No, no...I have far too much to do in my suburban paradise, thank you very much...what with working 3 jobs to pay for my overpriced university education and all. I couldn't possibly pull myself away to live the good life, even for one weekend.

And as time went on, summers came and went and somehow, my cottage fantasties remain limited to the confines of my imagination....until now...
After university I moved to Ireland which is a country that is more or less permanently devoid of warm summer weather.  However, what it lacks in sunshine, it makes up for with some of the world's best year round surfing.
So this is the year that I get my cottage. Okay, so it's not summertime...and there's not a lake in sight. But there's a view of a castle from my bedroom window and it's a short walk to the beach. That beats s'mores and singsongs in my books any day... 


Unknown said...

Are you thinking of spending a holiday at Cornwall, Devon or Dorset? I have cheap accommodations that are comfortable and very cozy. You or anybody reading this could rent my cottage.

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